Research Tools

The library is a vital source for research at our school. I would like to recognize that we are a strong internet based research school. However I would like to emphsize that evaluating websites is an important aspect of the internet research.

The Basics

Basic Library searches can begin with the school Library Catalog
Search for books, magazines and reference resources that are in the library.

Another search is the World Book Encyclopedia Online, (greyhills, knights)
This is a great way to get your basic information as well.


Find articles and information using our 3 new databases: (greyhillsacad, knights)
  • Issues and Controversies : explore more than 800 topics in business, politics, government, education and popular culture.
  • Science Online : this provides a broad range of scientific disciplines.
  • American History Online : this provides more than 500 years of political, military, social and cultural history.

Internet and Websites 

I like to use a saying to evaluate websites: RADCAB

  •  R- Relevance: Is it the information I need?
  • A- Appropriate: Is it right for my research or project?
  • D-Detail: Does it have enough information?
  • C- Current: When was it written?
  • A- Authority: Who wrote the information?
  • B - Bias: Are they giving me facts of an opinion?
Obviously there are more questions to ask when evaluating a website but it is important to know who wrote the information and what they are trying to say.

Online Magazines and Newspapers

Don't forget that many magazines and newspapers can be found online and are great resources to use for current events.